Easy Ways to Keep Kids Nourished For School

Aug 11, 2021Families

Packing Lunches? Power Up with These Dairy Snacks.

Not long after those blazing temperatures kick into high gear, most of us get that email from the school district…We know it’s that time again. We give a sigh…. or we pump our fists in excitement. One of the two.

For some, school starts as early as late or even, mid-August. But whenever it begins, the transition means new problems to solve—scheduling, time management, communication… and of course nutrition. The National Center for Education Statistics estimated the average school day to be 6.6 hours long, which means that returning (and growing) kids need snacks that will keep them energized from start to finish… and not rolling their eyes when they see what Mom or Dad packed them. That’s where dairy comes in. “Yogurt is a healthy, filling snack that checks the boxes on protein and vitamin D, a nutrient many kids lack in their diet.” – Katie Andrews, M.S., R.D. While milk works great to keep active kids hydrated during the hot summer, yogurt and other dairy products provide core ingredients for a healthy, productive school day. And it’s healthy nutrition choices that help fuel activity at every level. Good thing dairy tops the list of the ten healthiest foods for kids on eatingwell.com. With a little practice, you can use dairy products to save precious time if you’re preparing to pack two, three…even nine school lunches.

Dad Snack Hack

Make snack time healthy and automatic

Do your kids snack at all hours of the day? Well, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to make only the best and most nutritious snacks available to your kids anytime their little (or big) tummies started to rumble? Now there is! Check out this dad snack hack (moms can use this, too).

Dairy Snack Checklist

Here are a few simple recipes to spice up the lunchbox.

Pizza Muffins

Cheesy Pizza Muffins

It’s a snack that will fit easily in a lunchbox… and pack some tasty savory carbs and protein.
chocolate bark

Chocolate Granola Bark Bar

This one’s brain fuel… not to mention eye candy. Classmates (and even teachers) will be jealous when they see your kid unpack this cool and creamy frozen yogurt treat.
Cream Cheese & Toast

Cream Cheese Toast

Cream cheese toast is splendid, packed with B-vitamins, and perfect for breakfast, brunch, or that snack that welcomes them home from school.

Plain Jane… but Perfect

If you’re looking to pack simple, tasty snacks that don’t require prep work, then Healthcorps.com recommends going with those high in protein. Among its list of high-protein foods and snacks that are great for keeping kids energized, milk and yogurt show up several times. Whether it’s a cup of plain greek yogurt and berries or a wedge of low-fat cheese, dairy’s got it covered.

Hands-On Learning

While we’re on the subject, why not get those growing, snacking pre-teens or high schoolers off the couch and put them to work? Milk and dairy are sure bets for those young chefs and aspiring lunch packers. Whether it’s algebra, health, and wellness, or baking a delicious pizza, many of us learn best by rolling our sleeves up and diving on in! Check out these recommended recipes for young chefs.

More than School Lunches…

Whether you’re packing snack foods that will blow minds and taste buds or thinking about more ways to get involved behind the scenes, have a look at Arizona Milk’s resources for schools and educators. From lessons and educational content on health and nutrition to wellness initiatives with the National Football League, we’re eager to help make school environments fun, engaging, and even more nutritious. We hope your back-to-school transition is a smooth one… as smooth as it can be, for everyone involved. While it’s always busy, it can also be exciting. And with some new, creative dairy-based snacks in that lunchbox, things might go even smooooother.

And speaking of smooth …

Berry-licious Smoothie Recipe

Plan for hassle-free mornings by prepping these “smoothie cubes” in advance. Then all you have to do to start the day is blend a few pieces with cold milk for a quick, portable and satisfying smoothie in minutes!

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