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Arizona Milk Producers

Arizona Milk Producers is an organization working on behalf of Arizona dairy farmers to inform, promote and support the people, products and process of the dairy story from farm to table.


Dairy Council® of Arizona

Dairy Council® of Arizona is a not-for-profit, nutrition education branch of AZMP. Staffed by registered dietitians, DCAZ strives to contribute to the achievement of optimal health for the Arizona community by providing nutrition education based on the latest scientific research and the concept of a balanced diet that includes milk and milk products.


Our Staff

Tammy Baker, MS, RD
General Manager

Stephanie Taylor
Director of Business Development

Terri Verason, MS, RDN, FAND
Director of Sustainable Nutrition

Patricia Johnson, MS, RD, SNS
Director of Nutrition and Youth Wellness

Cindy Swansiger
Director of Communications

Ann Senseman
Integrated Marketing Coordinator

Karen Villagomez
Business Administrator

Don’t be shy

Give us a call: 480-656-7163

Send us a note: connect@azmilk.org

Arizona Milk Producers
510 S. 52nd St. #101
Tempe, AZ 85281

Have questions about nutrition, farming, or cows?

For inquiries on bulk fluid and dry dairy products, please contact United Dairymen of Arizona

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