The Farm to Table Story

Milk’s Journey

Milk Production

Milk is among the most highly regulated foods in the country. Maintaining milk’s freshness and quality is a job that starts at the farm and continues through processing. Milk is picked up at dairy farms every day of the year and is shipped immediately to a processing plant where it is tested, pasteurized and bottled.

Quality Begins at the Source

Farmers pay special attention to the diets and living conditions of their animals. Dairy farmers consult with cow nutritionists to design a well-balanced diet for their cows. Nutritious feed is the first step toward quality milk. Properly sanitized equipment and thorough cleaning of the cow’s udder before milking is equally important. As the cow is being milked, her milk flows through refrigerated pipes to a sanitized bulk tank where it is immediately cooled down from her body temperature — about 100 degrees F — to 38-45 degrees F. This preserves freshness and guarantees safety. The milk is then picked up by a milk truck, which serves as a giant refrigerator on wheels.

“Three reasons that make me really love the dairy industry: cows, family and the product that we make.”

Kevin Danzeisen

Danzeisen Dairy, Laveen

Rigorous Testing

Before milk leaves the farm, the truck driver takes a sample of milk to test for impurities, such as antibiotic residues. If any impurities are detected, the entire tank of milk is immediately discarded, never to reach Arizona families. The milk is tested again when it get to the processing plant, and multiple times throughout processing. Milk is separated into different fat levels, bottled, then back out the door and off to the store.

The Economic Impact of Dairy

The dairy industry creates jobs, increases GDP, and has an overall positive impact on the US economy.

Additionally, the dairy industry in Arizona reaches local and international consumers, positively impacting the economy of the state itself.

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Routine Inspection

Inspectors from state regulatory agencies and milk processing plants make surprise visits to farms on a regular basis. These unannounced visits are just one more set of checks and balances to make sure animal living conditions are clean, milking equipment is being properly sanitized and the facilities in general provide a safe working environment for all.

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The Great Dairy Adventure

Did you know local milk is delivered from farm to store in only 48 hours?
Try out your delivery skills by getting the glass of milk through the farm to the table without spilling!

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