About the Dairy Council® of Arizona

Staffed by registered dietitians, Dairy Council® of Arizona strives to support the health and wellness of the community by providing resources and science-based nutrition education materials to schools and health professionals.

Dairy Council of Arizona

For Schools

To assist efforts of educators and school nutrition professionals in building healthy school environments that develop successful students, Dairy Council® of Arizona provides resources available to increase knowledge and access to nutrient-rich foods.

Health Professionals

For professionals providing guidance on nutrition that is practical and science-based, we offer resources and learning opportunities related to the nutritional value and health benefits of dairy as part of a sustainable food system.

Dairy Council® Catalog

You need resources, and we’re here to help by providing free nutrition education materials throughout the states of Arizona and Nevada. Visit the catalog to browse and order.

Blog Posts

You heard it here first. The latest topics, features, and opportunities from the field of nutrition.


Sustainability efforts are not always convenient, but as stewards of the land, everyone in the dairy industry is consciously committed to providing a source of sustainable nutrition by implementing practices on their farms to protect and preserve our shared natural resources.

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