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Nourishing the community with local dairy

Fun Fact 1

Approximately one-third of all milk produced every year goes toward making cheese.




Fun Fact 2

All dairy goods are antibiotic free. If a cow requires treatment with antibiotics, numerous safety measures are in place to ensure her milk never enters the food supply.

Fun Fact 3

Since 1944, the dairy industry produces a gallon of milk using 90% less land, 65% less water and 75% less manure.


Sustainability is a Daily Practice on Dairy Farms

Farmers are stewards of the land, respectful of protecting the natural resources we all share

Tropical Protein Power Smoothie Recipe

Let this be your go-to for a quick, tasty breakfast that includes a healthy dose of protein, vitamin D, and probiotics

Feed Our Community, Support AZ Farmers

Help our community members in need and support local dairy farmers by donating milk to United Food Bank