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For Families

Discover the nutrition, versatility, and taste dairy provides with tempting recipes and creative crafts. Nourishment for the whole fam!

For Health Professionals

Nutrition resources you need to help educate on health and wellness.

For Schools

Student nutrition is critical to learning and development. Meet your school’s wellness goals with food service equipment and nutrition information.

A group of women are our outside talking and getting ready to go for a run together.

A race for women, by women.

Whether you are a seasoned runner or just starting out, we have nutrition and training plans for you.

Guy putting protein powder into a shaker bottle after a workout.

Looking to enhance your workout results with expert nutrition advice? Dive into our comprehensive guide to fueling your workouts. This resource offers tailored meal plans, insightful athlete interviews, and practical tips on pre- and post-workout nutrition. Discover delicious recipes, hydration strategies, and the benefits of incorporating dairy into your fitness regimen. Whether you’re an endurance athlete or just starting out, this guide provides everything you need to maximize your performance and recovery. Visit Fuel Your Workout: Nutrition Guide for more.

Featured Recipes

Check out our latest and greatest dairy-inspired recipes that are nutritionally rich, fabulously delicious, and sourced from the amazing products provided by Arizona milk producers. Let local dairy help feed the whole family.



  Poutine Fries, smothered in savory brown gravy topped with creamy...

Latest Moos

Get the freshest news, contest updates, and opportunities from the Arizona dairy community.

Virtual Events

From local farm tours to live cooking demonstrations, join us as we learn more about dairy together. 

Virtual Dairy Farm Tour for Nutrition and Health Professionals

Virtual Dairy Farm Tour for Nutrition and Health Professionals

Celebrate National Nutrition Month and National Agriculture Week with a virtual farm tour! Do your patients and clients ask you about where their food comes from? Check out this Virtual Dairy Farm Tour to hear from a dairy farmer and hear straight from the source how...

Delivering Dynamic Cooking Demonstrations Webinar

Delivering Dynamic Cooking Demonstrations Webinar

Delivering Dynamic Cooking Demos Cooking classes and demos enable nutrition professionals to: communicate nutrition information to consumers entertain their audiences teach basic or advanced cooking skills and  showcase healthy recipes that are affordable, easy to...

Chef Justin Beckett, Southern Rail Pimento Cheese Cooking Demo

Chef Justin Beckett, Southern Rail Pimento Cheese Cooking Demo

Known as the “caviar of the south”, this recipe by Chef Justin Beckett is fantastic as a spread or dip. Pimento cheese can be made days in advance and stored in the fridge to later serve with chips, crackers, toast points, or even as little tea sandwiches. View the...


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