Top 4 Recipes to Try This Week

Being busy doesn't mean your meals have to suffer. Enjoy these recipes on the go or for a delicious meal at home.

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Check out our selection of dinner ideas and snack hacks made just for you. Familiar recipes with a tasty twist, that you can make as is, or make your own by experimenting with ingredients . Put a fork in meal planning stress, because it is done! And before you get started, a hack on keeping your phone clean while cooking: put it in a sandwich baggie or wrap in plastic wrap.

PB and J Greek Yogurt

Prep time: 10 Mins

A new twist on an old classic! This fresh recipe takes a strong combo of greek yogurt, flax seed, honey, peanut butter, and fruit to a whole new level of powerfully delicious.

Chili and Cheddar Corn Bread Waffles

Prep time: 14 Mins | Cook Time: 24 Mins

Explore the savory side of waffles (as if they needed any more savory-ness). Spice up those buttermilk waffle grids with green chili goodness.

Air Fryer Cheese Curds with Honey Sriracha Dipping Sauce

Prep time: 10 Mins | Cook time: 12 mins

If this was a dating profile for snackers we would have a perfect match! What could be a better combo than cheese curds and sriracha?

For cheese curds, we recommend a Lager or Pilsner beer pairing

Ham, Swiss & Jalapeño Stuffed Baked Pretzel Sticks

Prep time: 10 Mins | Cook time: 25 mins

If you’re tempted to call this a mall snack, we get it, but this mall snack will actually satisfy you with savory deliciousness you can’t find in a food court.

Did you know?

Dairy is one of the most locally-sourced food groups, especially here in Arizona. When you grab a gallon of milk or a package of delicious cheese, chances are, you’re buying products sourced from inside our great state. 

Get to know your ingredients

and the families that produce them!


Dairy farmers are amongst the nation’s most forward-thinking food producers when it comes to sustainability. Learn about what steps they take to take care of their animals, land, and environments.

Nutrition Benefits

Milk contains thirteen essential nutrients, is a healthy source of carbohydrate, and consists of 85 percent water, making this beverage one of the most nutrient-dense beverages you can enjoy.

Local Products

It doesn’t get more local or fresh than dairy. And when you’re eating and drinking fresh, local ingredients that were produced and processed right here in Arizona, you’re supporting your city and your state. 

Fresh News

Check back often for the latest on contests, recipes, nutrition, even random cow facts to help with your next conversation starter.

Halloween Decorations, Crafts and Recipes

When your milk cartons are empty, have no fear. Make them Halloween decorations this year! Want to know how?

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