Queso for the Win

Jan 5, 2022Featured, News

It’s fourth quarter, third down, seconds on the clock and five yards to the end zone… and the starving, nail-biting fans in your living room have wiped the snack plate clean.

On the end of the couch, someone’s even chewing the napkins.

You call a timeout, you whisper something to your offense, and defense coaches… and you bring out the closer.

Delicious, creamy queso, paired up with a crunchy snack food.

Time in?

More like touchdown limbo!!

Tailgate to Couch

If you’re like us, Superbowl is named after that huge bowl of chips that serves as the vehicle for all those delicious dips.

But apparently there’s a game too…and two dozen College Bowl games in December alone.

And with five Bowl Games on New Year’s Day, and even more on the 4th and the 10th, there’s no shortage of passing and running action before this year’s Super Bowl on February 13th.

So what’s your game plan?

Whether you’re gearing up for a pre-game cookout with full face paint, or a comfy couch session for opening kickoff, cheese, milk, and sour cream absolutely kill it as nutritious, savory, game day foods.

As if that’s not enough, January 20 is also National Cheese Lover’s Day.

If a convenient, scrumptious dairy food that goes back thousands of years, pairs with everything, and comes in hundreds of shapes, textures and varieties isn’t worth celebrating, then we’re not sure what is.

Whether your family’s all about jack and cheddar, or more of a sour cream clan, read on for some brielliant suggestions

From Devon Kennard’s Counter

To kick this off right, Arizona Milk Producers teamed up with Arizona Cardinals linebacker Devon Kennard.

For a sizzling, spicy queso recipe with savory bison meat, you can get your grub on with Devon’s favorite cheat day snack.

When game day comes around, we’re all in, Devon.

You had us at bison meat.

Cheesy Ideas for Every Palate

Taking some notes from the zany cheese pairing ideas on Greatist.com, we’re adding some out of the box suggestions to our own recipes.

The great thing about cheese is all the forms, varieties and flavors, (not to mention the protein, calcium, and punch-packing nutrition).

There’s something for everyone. And even if you’re strapped for time, go for the classy, no-frills cheese board we know and love.

Suggestion 1#

Gooey harbison with chips

At room temperature, harbison cheese makes for a melty, fondue texture. The wild, rustic flavors pair well with vinegar flavor, or plain, salty potato chips.

This one’s stylin’ from the getgo… bit to mention delicious.

Suggestion 2#

Devonshire Red with Cheesy Nacho Doritos

If it sounds too cheesy to be true… that’s because it is.

Layering slices of earthy, pricy devonshire red with classic cheesy Doritos amplifies the taste by ten.

You don’t have to be a Cheesehead, or even a Packer’s fan to love this mash-up.

Suggestion 3#

Stilton Blue and Chocolate Kit Kats

It’s savory, crunch… and oh, so sweet.

While Stilton Blue probably isn’t the only creamy, flavorful British cheese that goes great with malty chocolate, the Kit Kats brings the sharpy, salty flavors out with a brisk contrast.

So give us a break… and try it!

Full On Snack Recipes

For those with plenty of time, and a whole Game Day-kitchen playbook up their sleeve, here’s some of our own hearty recipes to bring your snack table up a notch.

Remember, for superior milk and dairy ingredients, our own Milk n’ More store in Tempe has just what you need.

Recipe 1#

Ham, Swiss & Jalapeños Stuffed Baked Pretzel Sticks

Your favorite mall snack elevated to savory satisfaction. From the made-from-scratch dough to the delightful combination of ham, swiss, and jalapeños, this snack will change your pretzel game. 

View Recipe

Recipe 2#

Air fryer cheese curds with Honey Sriracha Dip

The preparation is so worth it with this one. Classy, creamy cheese curds, fried to perfection with flour, breadcrumbs and green onions.

And while you wouldn’t dare miss it… that sweet, spicy honey sriracha’s all icing on the cake

View Recipe

Recipe 3#

Loaded Baked Potato Dip

This spin on the classic baked potato is a game changer. Easy ingredients and quick assembly make this comfort food at its finest.


View Recipe

Wishing you a Scrumptious New Year

With cheese and queso, the Game Day snack combos are endless.

Even if you’re exploring, pairing, or cooking up some of your own, we hope you’re including local, Arizona cheese, milk and dairy in your lineup.

Happy New Year and Happy Game Day from Arizona Milk Producers.

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