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Looking for a fun way to teach kids about Arizona’s dairy industry?

Downloadable activity sheets, a colorful flipbook and a reading list are available below

Daisy’s Dairy Dreams

Daisy the dairy cow lives on an Arizona dairy and dreams of what she might have been if she wasn’t a cow. With her friend, Saguaro the Owl, she imagines being an astronaut… a sled dog… a scientist?

Go behind the scenes of the farm-to-table journey!

Virtual Experience

Discover the cows, community and journey of dairy with a 360° Virtual Experience, Interactive 360° Hotspot, activities, and educator guide.

Virtual Field Trip

Meet a farm family, their team, and the cows in this behind the scenes view of  daily life on the dairy, complete with companion activity.

STEM Curriculum

Check out four short videos with lesson plans that examine innovations and sustainability on the farm, components of a healthy meal, and reducing food waste.

Books about Cows and Dairy

Looking for good books to explore dairy farms and dairy foods? Download our suggested reading list!

Award Winning, Age-Specific Nutrition Education Resources

The Dairy Council ® of Arizona and Nevada provide free nutrition education materials throughout the states of Arizona and Nevada at no charge. Visit the catalog to browse and order.

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