Why Real Milk is Santa’s Beverage of Choice

Dec 20, 2021Families, Featured

Milk makes everything better…

… especially cookies. But it does so much more.

Real milk offers a unique combination of 13 essential nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc, and selenium that are vital to a healthy immune system.

And of course, real milk has protein, to build muscle, calcium for strong bones, and provides a natural source of carbs for energy. How else is the North Pole papa going to complete his yearly worldwide gift drop?

Speaking of cookies…

Anybody who’s eaten a cookie, knows that cookie made with real milk and real butter are da best! And these dairy-inspired creative Christmas cookies are no exception – they’ll knock the stockings right off of Santa. But you can’t just make enough for Old Saint Nick. Be sure to make a batch big enough for the whole family!

Don’t forget the drinks!

Here are a few adult beverages to enjoy after you put the kids to bed. And best not leave these out for Santa, either (he’s too busy for that). So, enjoy these delicious drinks with a solid Hallmark Christmas movie or while wrapping Christmas presents. 

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