Walk To School Event

Oct 2, 2018News, Reporting From the Field, Student Blog

Reporting From the Field

This winter, Garden Lakes Elementary hosted their annual Walk to School event where anyone that either attends the school or lives in the community is invited to meet at the local park and walk to school. When arriving, participants were able to choose a healthy yogurt parfait, along with a fruit and milk that we set up on tables. After the kids chose their breakfast, they could either eat at the picnic tables with friends or go into their classrooms. We received great feedback from the students and teachers that the yogurt parfaits were yummy and a huge hit! Our program advisor came up with the yogurt parfait idea instead of our normal pancake breakfast because it was quick, easy and healthy.

This event was another really good way to get our Fuel Up to Play 60 team involved, get kids and adults active and make healthy choices.

Nick D.

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