Books about Cows and Dairy

Looking for good books to explore dairy farms and dairy foods? The Dairy Council of Arizona has a list of dozens for you to choose from! Download the list for our suggestions, and let us know if you have any to add!

A Farm of Her Own. When Emma was 10, she went to spend the summer with Aunt Ada and Uncle Will at Sunnyside Farm, opening a whole new world to her. She milked cows, gathered eggs and appreciated her relatives who lived there. Warnock, Natalie Kinsey. Dutton Children’s Books, 2001.

A Field Guide to Cows. Describes the 52 breeds of cattle in a format that assists in their identification.Pukite, John. Penguin Books, 1998.

Allison Investigates: Does Chocolate Milk Come from Brown Cows? Allison, the kid myth buster, is full of questions. When her Dad tells her that chocolate milk comes from brown cows, she searches for the truth. Nicoletta, Collette. Beaver Pond Press, 2011.

Ancient Agriculture. Explains in simple terms how the story of agriculture is also the story of civilization. Also describes how ancient cultures left a rich legacy of agricultural knowledge and technology. Woods, Michael and Mary B. Woods. Runestone Press, 2000.

Animals on the Farm. Learn the sights and sounds of typical farm animals by reading this simple text accompanied by colorful photographs. Barraclough, Sue. Raintree, 2006.

 Click, Clack, Moo. Cows that Type. A fun book about Farmer Brown’s cows who find an old typewriter in the barn and start writing letters to Farmer Brown. Doreen Cronin. Simon Spotlight, 2016.

Clarabelle: Making Milk and So Much More. Following a day in the life of Clarabelle, one of 1,200 cows on a Midwest dairy farm, this book teaches readers what it takes for a cow to make wholesome milk and also byproducts like electricity. Cris Peterson. Boyds Mills Press, 2017

Counting Cows. A whimsical counting book features cows and cow terminology. Jackson, Woody. Red Wagon Books, 1999.

Cow. A lighthearted, nonfiction book on cows, breeds and milk production. Older, Jules. Charlesbridge, 1998.

Cows and Their Calves. This nonfiction primary reader shows how calves are raised to become mature adults. Hall, Margaret. Capstone Press, 2003.

Cows on the Farm. Learn, through photographs and primary text, how farmers raise cows. Schuh, Mari C. Capstone Press, 2001.

Cows. Discover interesting facts, like how cows are used around the world, through colorful photographs and simple text. Bell, Rachael. Heinemann Library, 2001.

Dairy Plant. Take a field trip to a dairy plant and learn how milk is processed into butter, cheese and ice cream. Leeper, Angela. Heinemann Library, 2004.

Daisy’s Dairy Dreams. (Flipbook on Daisy the dairy cow dreams of what she might have been if she wasn’t a cow. With her friend, Saguaro the Owl, she imagines being a variety of other things. Dairy Council® of Arizona, 2017.

Fair Cow. Effie the cow, loves living on the farm. And yet, she always dreamed of being a state-fair cow. This is a good story to teach children about not only what happens on a dairy farm, but also a lesson in selfconfidence. Leslie Helakoski. Two Lions, 2010.

Farmer McPeepers and His Missing Milk Cows. Farmer McPeeper cannot find his milk cows so he tours the town in a wacky adventure. Duffield, Katy. Rising Moon, 2003.

Farming & Food (The Ancient Egyptians). Take a trip into the past to discover the world of the Ancient Egyptians in regards to their food sources and farming methods. Shuter, Jane. Heinemann Library, 1999.

From Cow to Cone: Solving the Milk Mystery. The cows wonder on Farmer Jimmy’s dairy wonder what happens to all their milk. Wendell the Bird helps them solve the milk mystery. Desautels, Stacie. Fruitbearer Publishing, LLC, 2015.

From Cow to Ice Cream. Through colorful photographs and simple text, take a journey and discover how ice cream is made. Knight, Bertram T. Children’s Press, 1997.

From Grass to Milk. Through color photographs, learn how farmers work to get the milk you drink to the kitchen table. Taus-Bolstad, Stacy. Lerner Publishing Company, 2003

From Milk to Cheese. Follow the journey of cheese, from the milk of a cow to a factory for processing. Basel, Roberta. Capstone Press, 2006.

From Milk to Ice Cream. Follow along as cows are milked, the milk is taken to the dairy and made into ice cream. Keller, Kristin Thoennes. Capstone Press, 2005.

Extra Cheese Please! Mozzarella’s Journey from Cow to Pizza. Follow the cheese-making process as milk travels from the farm to the cheese-making plant. Cris Peterson. Boyds Mills Press, 1994.

Hooray for Dairy Farming. Learn about the many aspects of the dairy industry through color photographs and simple text. Kalman, Bobbie. Crabtree Publishing Company, 1997.

I Want to be a Dairy Farmer. In this beginning independent reader book, a boy named Andy teaches his friends and the readers about his family farm and his cows. Greene, Carla. Children’s Press, 1957.

I Want to Be a Veterinarian. Photos and facts describe different kinds of vets, how veterinary science began, and where it is headed. Also shows how to begin exploring the career. Maze, Stephanie. Harcourt, 1999.

Ice Cream for You. In this early reader, learn where milk comes from and how it turns into ice cream. Chan, Harley. National Geographic, 2001.

Ice Cream: Including Great Moments in Ice Cream History. Learn about one of America’s favorite desserts through fun historical facts. Older, Jules. Charlesbridge, 2002.

Let’s Make Butter. Learn where butter comes from and how it is made in this emerging reader with colorful photographs. Christian, Eleanor and Lyzz Roth-Singer. Capstone Press, 2000.

Life on a Dairy Farm. Robert helps his family raise dairy cows and explains the activities involved in feeding, cleaning and milking hundreds of cows every day. Wolfgang, Judy and David Lorenzo Winston. Lerner Publishing Group, 2004.

Louis Pasteur and Pasteurization. Formatted like a graphic novel, this book tells the story of Louis Pasteur’s invention of the pasteurization process and the effects of this invention on the spread of disease through food. Fandel, Jennifer. Capstone Press, 2007.

Milk: From Cow to Carton. A Let’s Read and Find Out Book. Learn how milk travels from cow to farmer to container. Aliki. HarperTrophy, 1992.

The Milk Makers. A Reading Rainbow Book. Text and pictures describe all the steps taken on milk’s journey, starting with what the cows eat to make wholesome, high-quality milk, all the way to ending up on grocery store shelves, along with other things they eat and drink are made from milk. Gail Gibbons. Aladdin, 1987.

Out and About at the Dairy Farm. This picture book gives factual information about milk production. Murphy, Andy. Picture Window Books, 2002.

Thanks to Cows. This Beginning Reader book shows how milk is made, beginning with a cow giving milk, to teach readers about introductory science. Fowler, Allan. Children’s Press, 1992.

The Adventures of Lucy. Life on a Dairy Farm. Lucy is a happy hound who lives on a dairy farm. Meet Lucy and her friends as they explore life on a dairy farm. Calhoun, Elizabeth. CreateSpace Ind. Publishing, 2016.

The Amazing Milk Book. Describes the content of milk, where it comes from, its various uses and how it gets from the cow to carton. Ross, Catherine, Susan Wallace and Linda Hendry. Addison-Wesley, 1991.

What a Wonderful Day to be a Cow. Every month of the year, animals on the farm enjoy their way of life. Describes seasons of the year on a farm. Lesser, Carolyn. Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers, 1995.

What Happens at a Dairy Farm? Where People Work. Weekly Reader’s first-grade pal, Buddy Bear, guides a behind-the-scenes tour of a dairy farm. This book uses vivid, full-color photography and first-hand expert information to show young readers the kinds of work farmers do. Pohl, Kathleen. Gareth Stevens, 2006.

What’s for Lunch? Milk. This book reveals how milk is produced and the many products made from it. Llewellyn, Claire and Helaine Cohen. Children’s Press, 1998.

Who Grows Up on the Farm? A Book about Farm Animals and Their Offspring. Full-color illustrations and fact-filled text discuss the various kinds of babies that grow up on a farm. Includes factual charts and tables. Longenecker, Theresa. Picture Window Books, 2002.

Your World: Let’s Visit the Dairy. When they visit a dairy and a dairy farm, four children learn how the many dairy products they use are packaged and prepared for delivery. Pope, Billy N. Taylor Pub. Co., 1971

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