Photo Shoot with Cardinals DJ Humphries

Oct 2, 2018News, Reporting From the Field, Student Blog

Reporting From the Field

Over the summer, thanks to being a Fuel Up to Play 60 State Ambassador, I was able to spend an afternoon with Arizona Cardinals offensive lineman DJ Humphries at the Cardinals’ training facility. Once we arrived, my family and I were given a tour which included a display of memorabilia such as Pat Tillman’s original locker from when he played for the team.

After the tour I was escorted to a studio for a photo shoot with Humphries. We started with introductions and the photographer took a few simple pictures to loosen us up and get to know each other. Humphries is a very easy going, funny and nice guy. You could tell that he enjoys his job and enjoyed having the other State Ambassador, Nick, and myself there.

Next we moved into the locker room (which is amazing!) where we got to see what the players use on a day to day basis. After posing for more pictures we moved into the kitchen where players usually eat during training. We made some delicious, healthy smoothies with Humphries while the photographer snapped a few funny pictures. Overall this was an amazing and irreplaceable experience. Not everyone gets the chance to meet people that are making a difference by partnering with Fuel Up to Play 60.

Thank you Fuel Up To Play 60 and Dairy Council of AZ!

Atziry P.

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