Nutrition Is Our Mission!

Feb 18, 2019Reporting From the Field, Student Blog

Reporting From the Field

This summer my fellow student ambassadors and I attended the national Fuel Up To Play 60 Summit in Atlanta, Georgia.  From this summit we learned the importance of working with our administration and community to help fuel the changes needed in our school. We plan to  continue with projects at our school such as our garden and wellness room, but this year we decided at the summit to make nutrition our mission and create more opportunities for our students.  So we worked with our school wellness team and administration to create wellness weeks at school focused on cooking healthy snacks to share. We made hearty breakfast kabobs because many of our students don’t eat breakfast, and this meal is important so our bodies are fueled for the day.  We also made healthy smoothies with classes that answered nutrition questions. 

All of our plays and projects are off to a great start, including plans to create a Fuel Up To Play 60 mural to entice more classes to join our Wildcat Wellness Zone.  This year as we promote to high school we will be able to look back and know we created a healthier school environment for future generations to come!

Aaliyah R., Gallego Intermediate 4-8 Fine Arts

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