Ethos Academy Earning A+ As A Rookie School

Dec 11, 2018News, Team Lead Blogs

Reporting From the Field

Fuel Up to Play 60 scores a TOUCHDOWN for school health and wellness! Ethos Academy recently kicked off Fuel Up to Play 60 at their school and they are earning an A+ as a rookie school!

Walter Hall is the Program Advisor and Physical Education teacher. He attended the Program Advisor training, created a student team, and held a Fuel Up to Play 60 kickoff. Their kickoff event was a school assembly, where they recognized students for outstanding character and held class competitions. Three classrooms were awarded the “spirit stick” for their outstanding performance in the class competitions. Big Red from the Arizona Cardinals was the special guest at the assembly. The Ethos Academy Owls are well on their way to earning the prestigious status and perks of being a TOUCHDOWN school!

Ethos Academy is also committed to ensuring their students are fueled for their day by serving breakfast in the classroom this year! Does breakfast matter? The answer is YES! School breakfast provides daily servings of fruit, whole grains, and milk, plus roughly ¼ the recommended calories needed for lasting energy. Schools that provide breakfast in the classroom to all students have shown decreases in tardiness and suspensions, as well as improved student behavior and attentiveness. Studies show that eating breakfast can help improve math, reading, and standardized test scores.

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