A Day in the Life of a Dairy Nutritionist

Feb 24, 2020Dr Rbz

At 6 years old, I spent a lot of time with my dad, driving around Arizona and nearby states visiting dairies he provided nutrition services for. I fell in love with the cows, the families, the work ethic, and the family values/life. I followed my passion, and attended California Polytechnic State University -SLO for my Bachelor of Science in Dairy Science, finished my Masters a year later, then earned a PhD in Animal Science-ruminant nutrition at The University of Arizona. Now, when I’m not working at our dairy, I’m usually off visiting other dairies for nutrition visits. On these visits, I’ll meet with the dairy owners/managers; look at the cows, their body condition, bedding, feed mixing, intakes, any problems they are having, and many other things. Basically my job is to catch up on any changes that have happened feed wise that can affect the cows, evaluate them, fix them, and plan/advise for the future. We look at different areas of management to improve as well. One thing that hasn’t changed since my ride along days, my dad is still alongside me every day.

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