Leadership Opportunities

Oct 2, 2018News, Reporting From the Field, Student Blog

Leadership Opportunities

After a summer filled with exciting and adventurous days it’s time to get back into school and make a change. Being invited to the Nourish to Flourish conference and the Fuel Up to Play 60 National summit as a Youth Council leader, truly inspired me with tons of new ideas to implement this school year.

So far this year I have set up a meeting with my principal to work on changing the design and layout of our cafeteria to make it more student friendly. I have also worked with my Fuel Up to Play 60 team to start planning plays. One coming up very soon is to have something similar to a tailgate before our football game to get students not only excited about the game but also teach them that eating and staying active is fairly easy to do.

Everything we do, we make sure we keep our students as our number one priority, because at the end of the day everything we do is for them. If we want to see a change being made it has to start within us, we are the ones with the voice, the ones that see it all, so it’s time we actually make a difference. So with our ideas starting to roll out I know for a fact that this year will for sure be one for the books.

Atziry P.

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