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Milk from Moo to You

A Cow’s Tale

Treating animals with respect and compassion is top priority for our dairy farmers.

Farm to Table

Enjoyment of dairy begins with quality at the farm.

Local Products

Learn where you can find milk and cheese from Arizona Dairies!

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Get a personal view point of dairy farming from Dr. Rosemarie Burgos Zimbelman 

 Welcome to my blog! I am Dr. Rosemarie Burgos Zimbelman, dairy nutritionist, farmer, wife, and mother. My lifestyle involves helping families on and off the farm by feeding their cows. My mission: clearing the confusion surrounding the food we eat by sharing true facts from the farm.


Fun Fact

Dairy cows can produce 125 pounds of saliva in a single day.

Fun Fact 2

Jerseys, the class clowns of cows,  are very curious and usually cause mischief on the dairy. Their milk produces the highest butterfat and protein, ideal for making cheese.

Fun Fact 3

Cows are creatures of habit and enjoy routine. They go to the same spot every day to eat their food and will even moo if the farmer is running behind on meal delivery!

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