School Breakfast

Arizona School Breakfast

Missing meals and experiencing hunger impair children’s development and achievement. Hungry children are unable to focus in school, threatening educational success.

The Arizona School Breakfast Coalition is working to increase access to breakfast meals around the state. Dairy Council® of Arizona, Association of Arizona Food Banks, Arizona Department of Education and Valley of the Sun United Way have partnered together to provide funding and develop tools and resources for schools interested in expanding their breakfast programs and increasing participation.

school breakfast

Universal school breakfast is associated with:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced tardiness
  • Reduced behavior problems
  • Reduced nurse’s office visits
  • Increased standardized test achievement scores
  • Higher grades
  • Positive learning environments

Get Your School Started

Use our sample models and funding resources to get your school cooking!

Get Started With Our Toolkit

Need some help kickstarting your school’s breakfast program?

The Dairy Council® of Arizona, Arizona Department of Education, Valley of the Sun United Way and the Association of Arizona Food Banks created a toolkit to highlight the value of breakfast and help guide your school in staring this valuable program.

Fuel Up to Play with Breakfast Bags

Schools enrolled in Fuel Up to Play 60, with a designated program advisor, may qualify for insulated bag sets that include one 15.5”x15.5”x14” bag, one 16”x16”x6” bag and a cart. These sets are perfect for transporting milk and food items for breakfast in the classroom. To request these bags please email us.

School nutrition professionals may also use equipment grant money to purchase from one of our trusted partners.


Why is breakfast important?

Hear from school administrators, teachers, pediatricians, registered dietitians and students on the value and impact of Breakfast in the Classroom!

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